Asi@Connect National Launch Event in Thailand
November 27,2018

Overview of Asi@Connect Project


Mr. Louis Hyunho Choi
Senior Administrative Manager
TEIN* Cooperation Center

“Next Generation Research and Education Networks”


Prof. Kanchana Kanchanasut

Internet Hall of Fame Pioneer
(Dr. Kanchana Kanchanasut brought the Internet to Thailand and was actively involved in many Internet connectivity initiatives in other Southeast Asian countries, championing the idea of email, and later the Internet, in that region in the 1980s. She directs the Internet Education and Research)

Session 1 Asi@Connect Collaboration  

 BdREN: Introduction & Services
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Professor Dr. Kazi Muheymin-us-sakib, BdREN

Prof. Kazi Muheymin-Us-Sakib
TST Consultant (Technical)

NICT’s Integrated Testbed

Mr. Koichi Fujinuma, JGN/NICT,

Director, ICT testbed Coordination and Planning Office
ICT Testbed Research and Development Promotion Center
National Institute of Information of Communications Technology



Assoc. Prof. Panjai Tantatsanawong, ThaiREN,

Deputy Director Office of Information Technology
Administration for Education Development,
Office of Higher Education Commission

(Laos Research & Education Network)


Director of IT Center
National University of Laos

Session 2 Projects and Applications  
Topic: Data-Centric IoT-Cloud Service Platform for Smart Communities (IoTcloudServe@TEIN)
Speaker: Assoc. Prof. Chaodit Aswakul
Department of Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Engineering
Chulalongkorn University
Topic: National e-Science
Speaker: Asst. Prof. Dr. Chinorat Kobdaj
School of Physics - Institute of Science
Suranaree University of Technology
Topic: Tele-medicine
Speaker: Mr. Wiraphon Manatarinat
Siriraj Center of Telemedicine (SiTEL)
Information Technology Department
Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital
Mahidol University
Topic: The National Hydroinformatics and Climate Data Center (NHC)
Speaker: Dr. Surajate Boonya-aroonnet,
Director of Hydro Informatics Division, Hydro and Agro Informatics Institute (HAII)
Topic: Looking forward to a successful cooperation: TEIN
Speaker:  Mr. Prawit Chertchom
Head of Information and Technology Division
Space Krenovation Park (SKP)
Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA)